Melissa Concept Store in NYC

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GogoMiami took field trip to New York City  to show you the new concept store for Melissa, makers of the coolest plastic shoes in the world. It is its first store in the USA. Melissa, a trademark of the giant Brazilian manufacturer Grandene, is the talk of town. Its shoes, the original plastic ‘jellies,’ are sold at Louvre in Paris and at the Dover Street Market in London. Melissa’s special collaborations with   top fashion designers and artists such as Vivienne Westwood, Zaha Hadid, Jason Wu and the Campana Brothers strike a dialogue between art, fashion and the ingenuity of the Brazilian mind. According to artist Fernando Campana, his collaboration with Melissa has been  delightful: ”you have got to have a lot of experience to make our crazy ideas come true.”

The concept store in SoHo, located on 102 Greene Street, fits perfectly with cutting edge image of the company: it is a white gallery that allows the design collaborations to shine. For its opening gig, the store also showcases art by Brazilian artist Eli Sudbrack. With such a fun mix, Gogomiami sees one more city where a store like that could work…can you guess where?

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