Living With Colors in SoFi

A profile of Liz Atlan, realtor-artist-mom-best-girlfriend at the Geane Brito Group at Compass Florida.

Liz Atlan knows a thing or two about the chic & easy going Miami Beach‘s South of Fifth neighborhood! “SoFi” is where she chose to raise her two daughters– in a garden loft surrounded by her plants and her inseparable art supplies. Liz likes to ride her bike in the mornings through South Pointe Park along the Beach Walk to take in the sights and colors of Miami Beach.

We chatted with Liz Atlan, who studied Art History at Boston University, before becoming a Miami Beach resident. She shared with us her latest creations: gorgeous watercolors of the iconic Miami Beach lifeguard towers. The colorful towers have been around since 1995, when architect William Lane was commissioned to design five towers to replace those lost during Hurricane Andrew. They quickly became a representation of the on-going cultural and urban revitalization of South Beach (and Miami) that started in 1990s.

Q You have lived in the South of Fifth in Miami Beach for many years. What’s the top 3 reasons you love the area?

1.  Location  is ideal.  You can walk out your door and head to the marina to the west, the ocean to the east and South Pointe Park at the very southern tip.  

2. Ease of Lifestyle – South of Fifth is walkable, bikeable.  I love being able to stroll out of my front door and immediately enjoy the quiet streets and tropical vibe at every turn.  It is a family-friendly neighborhood, where you can see the local families heading to the beach on any evening- generally skateboarding, biking and surfing.

3. Things to Do – Some of the best restaurants, bars and cafes are South of Fifth.  You never have to travel too far for an amazing meal or a fun night out.  Literally everything is within your reach.

Q What in Miami inspires you right now?

I am obsessed with the lifeguard stands that dot the beach all the way from the Jetty to North Miami and beyond.  Their bright colors and whimsical designs have always inspired me to capture them in photography and in watercolor illustrations.  They are the epitome of South Beach.  I am currently working on illustrations that  I hope to use on hats, t-shirts, tote bags – a high quality line of merchandise for locals and tourists alike.   Each local has a particular stand that she identifies with.  Mine are 2nd and 3rd st, as that’s where my friends and I have been meeting up on many a beach day or night. 

Q What was the creative process on your life guard series?

 First I photograph them at varying angles at different times of the day.  From there, I simply get out my watercolor paper, pencil and eraser and draw freehand – I don’t like to be too exact as I prefer the images to have a more playful look. I then outline the drawings in sharpie and then get my paints out. 

Q What’s the best outdoor place to hangout in the South of Fifth and grab a drink & a bite?

Minibar is one of my favorites – It is right around the corner from my place. My neighbor Vero and I have been known to sneak in for a drink while walking our dogs- too convenient!  They always have the best music and although it is connected to Urbanica Hotel (5th and Meridian Ave), it is a favorite local hangout.   Margo (First St & Ocean Drive) is another super-chill winebar with a great menu of bites. The sand is at your feet and the space is surrounded by palm trees with a soft orange glow of string lights.  Lolo’s Cantina is great for Mexican food before or after the beach.  Always a great idea is grabbing food to-go at Joe’s Take Out or My Ceviche, throwing a blanket on the grass and enjoying a picnic in the park as you watch the acro-yogis amid the sunset.   

Liz Atlan is licensed realtor at the Geane Brito Group at Compass.

See Liz Atlan’s agent page HERE. Contact:


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